Gray Surgical is a leading Australian designer and manufacturer of premium quality surgical retractors and instruments. These high-grade products are used in surgical operations and provide maximum exposure for the surgeon in specialised procedures.

The Gray Surgical range of table mounted surgical Retractors and Instrument Holders are designed to provide optimal surgical exposure and are compatible with most other retraction systems.

Laparoscopic Liver Lift


Multiflex Retractor


Thyroid Retractor


Urologic Retractor

Liver Retractor

Eldor Needles from Browning Surgical
Spinal Needles
Epidural Needles
Combined Spinal and Epidural Needles
Ultrasound Needles
Disposable Infusion Pump
Wound Catheters
Transforaminal Needles
Amniocentesis Needles
Biopsy Needles
Intraosseous Needles