Angled blade plate - instrument Set
Arthroscopy Set
Bone Mill
Cameras and Light Sources
Cannulated screws & instrument Set
Discectomy Set
Dynamic Hip Screw - instrument Set
Ender Nail Set
External fixator Set - (standard tubuler)
Finger & Maxillo facial fixator Set
General Orthopaedic Instrument Set
Kuntscher Nail Instrumentation Set
Large Fragment Set
Major Orthopaedic Set
Mini Fragment
Minor Orthopaedic Set
Moore's and Thompson's Hips
Orthopaedic stainless steel pliers
Osteotomes, Chisels and Gouges
Plaster-of-Paris Trolley Set
Small Fragment Set - in Graphic case
Spinal Retractor System
Spinal Set
Trauma Drill - battery operated
Trauma Sets in Graphic Cases
Wire instrument Set