Abdominoperineal Resection Set
Appendectomy Set
Basic Laparotomy Set Adult

Basic Laparotomy Set Child
Basic Major instrument set   Page 1
Basic Major Set
Basic Minor Set
Cameras and light sources
Cholecystectomy Extra's Set
Cut-Down Set
Cystoscopy instruments
Cystoscopy Set
Deep Set
Excision of skin growths Set
Foreign Body removal Set
Gastro-Intestinal Set
Hernia repair Set
Incision & Drainage Set - Abscess
Laparoscopic instrument Set
Mastectomy Set - Radical
Mastectomy Set - Simple
Paediatric Set
Pancreatectomy & Splenectomy Set
Pancreatoduodenectomy Set
Plastic Repair instrument Set
Polypectomy Set
Procedure pack Set
Resectoscopy Set
Skin Graft Set
Stitch Set casualty
Thyroid Extra Set
Thyroidectomy Set
Underwater Drainage Set
Vagotomy Set
Venous Cut Down Set